What is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii?

Taking a trip to Hawaii is one of those life-long dreams that are on a lot of people’s “bucket lists”.  Some people are fortunate enough to be able to do it every year of their lives or decide to move to Hawaii.  However, for some of us, when we take a trip to Hawaii we need to make sure that we are visiting the islands at the right to in order to truly enjoy ourselves.

If you’re the kind of person who is trying to avoid crowds and throngs of tourists then it would be best to stay from Hawaii during peak vacationing times.  These times include holidays and school vacations (spring break).

Hawaii’s peak vacation times are:  Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, summer vacation, and Christmas.  Let’s take a more detailed look at the traditional seasons and what a trip to Hawaii will look like during each of them.

Seasonal Impact on Vacationing in Hawaii


When it’s winter on the mainland of the United States then the high-time of visitors for Hawaii is in full swing. There is an influx of visitors that start to arrive on the Islands around Christmas and it stays busy until just about April, after spring break is over.

Average temperature on the Islands during this time is 78* and water temperature is a refreshing 74*, which is still awesome for snorkeling. Also, this is the middle of the rainy season.  This is also the time of the year for the big surfing competitions on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.  The bonus this time of year is that it is actually a great time to see migrating humpback whales right of the Hawaiian Coast.


The rain is starting to trail off on the islands and Hawaii is getting ready for the summer and the dry season.  The last week of April and first week of May is known to have an influx of Japanese visitors due to a holiday known as “Golden Week” in Japan.

This is the best time to find great travel deals.  The water temperature is warming up and raising from the low to mid 70s up to high 70s.  The surf is dying down and the cooling trade winds are starting to slow as well.  It’s going to be hot soon!  Of note, the world-wide Hula competition takes place on the Big Island starting on Easter Sunday.


Summer starts of great for travelers to Hawaii.  The prices for both airlines and hotels are low but don’t get misled by “summer being a low season”.  By the end of June and early July, people are starting to come again and the prices are going to go back up.

This is also the hottest and driest time of the year on the islands with rainfall low (maybe great if you’re planning a backpacking trip) and with temperatures consistently high…sometimes into the 90s.  Also, while rare to happen, the summer is also hurricane season in Hawaii.


Once October rolls in, and especially November, the trade winds will pick back up and the temperatures will start to fall back into the high 70s.  This is also the time when many hotels and airlines start to raise prices again in an attempt to get the travel market back in the habit of spending more.  By mid-December, travel and lodging costs will be at the highest of the year.  Final analysis:  Best time for hiking and backpacking trips to Hawaii during the fall because of the high prices of lodging on the Islands.

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