How to Move to Hawaii

Many people dream about one day moving to Hawaii and living in paradise.  Hawaii just has so much to offer!  It is the perfect place for people who want to live a beach-style life with barbecues and wave riding and it’s also one of the greatest places on Earth for those who like to hike, backpack, climb, camp and fish.

The problem with living in Hawaii, though, is actually the moving to Hawaii part.  Hawaii doesn’t have to be a difficult place to move to, though.  Here are a few simple tips to get you started in the right direction once you decide to take the plunge and actually move to Hawaii forever!

Moving to Hawaii Documentation and Plans

US Citizens and Legal Residents of the US

You don’t need much-Just the means and the will to want to live on the Islands.  You’ll have to make accommodations with a moving company which would be the most expensive part of your move.  A great piece of advice is to totally minimize what your living needs are and to come to Hawaii with as little as possible.  Don’t forget that if you plan on working in Hawaii then you would be best off having a job in place prior to your arrival so that you can afford lodging, transportation and basic necessities.

Non-US Residents

Americans aren’t the only ones who know a good situation when they see one! Each year, more than 6,000 non-US residents take residence in Hawaii.  Here are a few ways you can move to Hawaii, either permanently or temporarily.

Visitor Visa

There are more than 35 countries who participate in the Visa Waiver Program.   However, you can only stay 3 months and you’ll be unable to work with a tourist visa.

Student Visa

If you’re accepted to and enroll for 18 hours of course work per in an approved school in Hawaii then you could be eligible for a student visa.  You’ll be allowed to stay in Hawaii and live on the Islands until your courses and programs of study are completed.

Temporary Worker Visa

If you get the right job with the right company then that business could petition for you to move to Hawaii if the petition is approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  With this type of visa you’ll be allowed to work and stay as long as your sponsored by your company.

Immigrant Visas (Green Cards/I-551 cards)

More than 100,000 immigrant visas are approved each year.  With a green card you can reside in Hawaii permanently and change jobs just like a US citizen (in most cases).

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