Hawaiian Airlines business credit card

credit cardHawaiian Air business credit card was created as a rewards card for people who fly frequently with Hawaiian Airlines. The biggest advantage to signing up for this card is that you will receive an incredible 35000 miles signing bonus.

If you have employees you can request additional cards for them to use, meaning you can earn miles on employee purchases, which I’m sure you will agree can come in useful. Also, with this card, you will not have to pay foreign transaction fees on overseas purchases. That being said it is aimed at people who have annual business expenses of more than $50000.

And If you spend that amount of money you can earn up to 20000 bonus miles per year. Additionally, if you spend over $100K you can earn an amazing 40000 miles.

Hawaiian business credit card also comes with these great benefits:

  • You will receive a signup bonus of 35000 Hawaiian Airlines Miles after your first purchase.
  • You will earn double the amount of miles you normally would on direct eligible purchases from Hawaiian Airlines and will earn miles on every other purchase.
  • You will earn ten times the miles you normally would when making purchases from selected Hawaiian Airlines partners.
  • You will earn miles on your annual spending. For example, if you spend $50K – $99K yearly you will earn up to 20000 miles. And if you spend more than $100K a year you will earn 40000 miles.
  • You will not be charged foreign transaction fees on overseas purchases.
  • You qualify for Share Miles which means friends and family can transfer miles to your account.
  • You will receive a convenient chip-enabled card which you can use when travelling overseas.
  • The yearly fee is only $89
  • There are no blackout dates

bonusIf you are looking for a credit card which will allow you to run your business more efficiently then this is the card to choose. I say this because Hawaiian Business credit card comes with these great options:


  • If you want, you can get complimentary cards for your employees.
  • You can set options on these cards for cash access, lines of credit and limits on purchases.
  • It comes with expense tracking features allowing you know where your business’s money is being spent.

As you can see, this card has many great benefits and is perfect for business owners who travel to Hawaii frequently.


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